Other Potential Applications for PPCP

The Transtec Group, under contract with the FHWA, is currently providing design and construction support to state highway agencies seeking to construct precast prestressed pavement demonstration projects. Currently, several new applications are being investigated for demonstration projects, including…

Weigh-In-Motion Installation Precast prestressed pavement can be utilized for the installation of a weigh-in-motion site. Precast prestressed pavement can be installed to support the weigh-in-motion scales with the blockouts for the scales cast into the precast panels themselves.

Thinner Pavement Sections Beneath Bridges Precast prestressed pavement can be utilized for replacing existing pavement with a thinner pavement section beneath bridges. Additional overhead clearance is provided and precast prestressed pavement permits the pavement section to be constructed with minimal disruption to traffic.

Unbonded Overlays Precast prestressed concrete pavement can be installed over an existing pavement as an unbonded overlay. The precast panels can be designed to minimize the thickness of the unbonded overlay, reducing potential overhead clearance conflicts.

Temporary Pavement/Crossovers Precast prestressed concrete pavement can installed as a temporary pavement for detours or crossovers. The precast panels can be removed and reused for multiple projects.