Completed: November 2009
Project Length: 1,020 ft (four lanes)
Panel Dimensions: Lanes 1 & 2 (Single-lane panels): 12′ x 10′ x 8 3/4″
Lanes 3 & 4 (Double-lane panel): 27′ x 10′ x 8 3/4″
Number of panels: 306
Number of post-tensioned sections per lane: 7 (1 @ 110′, 5 @ 160′, 1 @ 100′)
Panel Installation Rate: Up to 12 panels/8-hour night closure (included pavement removal, base construction, panel installation, and temporary post-tensioning)
Features: Nighttime construction under very heavy traffic—lanes were closed to traffic after the evening rush-hour and opened to traffic before the morning rush-hour.

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The sixth project demonstrating precast prestressed pavement technology was installed on a section of westbound Interstate 66 in Fairfax, Virginia, just east of US 50. Construction was limited to the hours of 9:00 pm – 5:00 am, in which time the existing pavement was removed, the base was prepared, the precast panels were installed, and temporary post-tensioning was applied prior to opening to traffic. The existing pavement was a 9″ JRCP constructed in the 1960s, and in need of full reconstruction.
All four lanes of the pavement were reconstructed, including the inside HOV lane and outside “rush hour” lane. Lanes 1 & 2 were reconstructed simultaneously with single-lane precast panels (12′ wide) across a crowned cross-section. Lanes 3 & 4 were reconstructed with a single 27′ double-lane precast panel. The panels were installed over a VDOT #10 stone base graded by hand to the required cross slope and grade. Threaded post-tensioning bars were used to sequentially post-tension the precast panels as they were installed such that temporary post-tensioning was provided at all times, even when the pavement was open to traffic prior to final post-tensioning. The I-66 project also included reconstruction of a section of ramp pavement from I-66 WB to US 50 WB using a proprietary jointed precast pavement system.