Completed: December 2002
Project Length: 2,300 ft (2 lanes plus shoulders)
Panel Dimensions: 10′ x 36′ x 8″, 10′ x 20′ x 8″, 10′ x 16′ x 8″
Number of panels: 339
Number of post-tensioned sections: 7 @ 250′, 1 @ 225′, 1 @ 325′
Panel Installation Rate: 25 panels/6 hours
Features: Both full-width and partial-width construction. First application of precast prestressed concrete pavement on a large scale.

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The first project demonstrating precast prestressed pavement technology was installed on a section of frontage road along Interstate 35 near Georgetown, Texas. Although constructed on a frontage road, the panels were designed for the traffic loading of the mainlanes of Interstate 35. The panels were installed over a 2-inch hot mix asphalt leveling course. Both full-width and partial-width (or lane-by-lane) construction were tested. The full-width panels spanned the 36 ft width of the roadway, including two lanes plus inside and outside shoulders. Armored expansion joints were utilized for the joint panels and central stressing was utilized for longitudinal post-tensioning.