Completed: December 2005
Project Length: 1,000 ft (2 lanes plus shoulders)
Panel Dimensions: 10′ x 38′ x 5.75″-11″
Number of panels: 100
Number of post-tensioned sections: 4 @ 250′
Panel Installation Rate: 12 panels/6 hours
Features: Pavement crown cast into the panel surface. Non-continuous keyways between panels.

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The third project demonstrating precast prestressed pavement technology was installed on a section of Interstate 57 near Sikeston, Missouri. Precast prestressed pavement was utilized to replace a 45-year-old jointed reinforced concrete pavement that had reached serviceability failure. The panels spanned the full 38 ft width of the roadway, including both traffic lanes and inside and outside shoulders. A “rooftop” pavement crown was cast into the surface of the panels by varying the thickness of the panels. The panels were installed over a permeable asphalt-treated base. Plain dowelled expansion joints were utilized for the joint panels and stressing was completed from blockouts in the joint panels rather than at central stressing panels.