Completed: September 2006
Project Length: ~154 ft (2 approach slabs, 2 lanes wide each)
Panel Dimensions: 14′ x 20′ x 12″ (typical)
Number of panels: 16
Number of post-tensioned sections: 2 @ ~77′ long x 28′ wide
Panel Installation Rate: ~15 minutes/panel
Features: First use of precast prestressed concrete pavement for bridge approach slabs. 2-way post-tensioined partial-width panels.

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The first project demonstrating precast prestressed pavement technology for bridge approach slab construction was installed at either end of a new bridge on Highway 60 near Sheldon, Iowa. The approach slabs were tied to the bridge abutments as part of an integral approach slab. The approach slab panels were designed to acccomodate a 30 degree bridge skew and a “rooftop” crowned pavement section. The panels were installed over a crushed limestone base using partial-width precast panels in order to simulate lane-by-lane construction for future applications. Longitudinal post-tensioning was completed from the ends of each approach slab, while transverse post-tensioning was completed from the outside edge of the pavement.