Completed: August 2009
Project Length: 1,044 ft (two-lane pavement), 236 ft (single-lane pavement)
Panel Dimensions: Two-lane pavement: 24′ x 9′-10″ x 8″, Single-lane pavement: 12′ x 9′-10″ x 8″
Number of panels: 130
Number of post-tensioned sections: 10 (1 @ 108′, 3 @ 118′, 4 @ 128′, 2 @ 138′)
Panel Installation Rate: Up to 13 panels/10-hour night closure (included pavement removal, base construction, panel installation, and temporary post-tensioning)
Features: Nighttime construction—lanes were closed to traffic after the evening rush-hour and opened to traffic before the morning rush-hour. First project to utilize threaded bars for temporary post-tensioning.

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The fifth project demonstrating precast prestressed pavement technology was installed on a section of northbound Route 896 at US 40 in Newark, Delaware. Construction was limited to the hours of 7:30 pm – 5:30 am, in which time the existing pavement was removed, the base was prepared, the precast panels were installed, and temporary post-tensioning was applied prior to opening to traffic. The existing pavement exhibited severe ASR-related distress in the turn lanes, and required full reconstruction. Two left turn lanes and a right turn lane and thru lane were reconstructed with PPCP. The panels were installed over a pervious concrete base, which provided a workable platform to support the panels immediately after it was screeded to the proper grade and elevation. Threaded post-tensioning bars were used to sequentially post-tension the precast panels as they were installed such that temporary post-tensioning was provided at all times, even when the pavement was open to traffic prior to final post-tensioning.