Completed: April 2004
Project Length: 248 ft (2 lanes plus shoulder)
Panel Dimensions: 8′ x 37′ x 10″-13″
Number of panels: 31
Number of post-tensioned sections: 2 @ 124′
Panel Installation Rate: 15 panels/3 hours
Features: Nighttime construction. Change in cross-slope cast into the panel surface.

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The second project demonstrating precast prestressed pavement technology was installed on a section of Interstate 10 near El Monte, California (outside of Los Angeles). Construction was limited to the hours of 11 pm – 5 am for installation of the panels. The precast pavement was installed as part of a widening of Interstate 10, adding 27 ft of traffic lanes and 10 ft of shoulder to the existing pavement. The A change in cross-slope was required from the mainlanes to the shoulder. This was accomplished by casting panels with a flat bottom and variable thickness to achieve the desired cross slope transition. The panels were installed over a lean concrete base. Plain dowelled expansion joints were utilized for the joint panels and central stressing was utilized for longitudinal post-tensioning.